Viaduct helps OEMs harness connected vehicle data to identify, monitor, and scope systemic quality issues – using predictive maintenance to improve the customer experience and grow dealer and digital revenue streams.

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Identify quality issues earlier.

Identify quality issues earlier

Viaduct identifies anomalies weeks or months earlier than conventional warranty analysis – and automatically isolates affected populations based on factors such as build, line, duty cycle and environment

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Tighten feedback loops

With Viaduct, OEMs leverage connected vehicle insights to prevent defects through enhanced early-, mid-, and late-life quality processes - improving quality metrics internally (e.g., conditions per 1000) and externally (e.g. quality ratings).

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Tighten quality loops
Customize maintenance recommendations

Customize maintenance recommendations

OEMs harness Viaduct’s predictive maintenance solution to reduce on-the-road failures and deliver customized recommendations to customers – improving CSAT and opening up new digital revenue streams.

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