AI for Connected Vehicles


Safer, Smarter, and More Personalized Vehicles

Viaduct provides an end-to-end machine learning platform to empower automakers to make safe, reliable, and personalized vehicles.

Viaduct’s cloud platform derives actionable insights from connected vehicle data to power applications, such as predictive maintenance, driver identification, and driver safety scores. Deployed in the vehicle, Viaduct’s machine learning solutions intelligently compress and enhance vehicle data to allow the richest data to be transmitted to the cloud in the fewest bytes.


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Vehicle Profiles


Beyond Make and Model

Viaduct goes beyond make and model, creating a comprehensive, patented profile based on how, when, and where each vehicle is driven. A vehicle profile can be used to anticipate component failures, maximize long-term vehicle value, and evaluate manufacturing and design processes.

Driver Fingerprinting


Contextualized Analytics

Viaduct’s patented Driver Fingerprinting algorithm builds an individualized profile for each driver by discovering their unique characteristics. Driver Fingerprinting detects driver style, distracted driving, and high-level usage patterns, which allows for personalized driver experiences and large-scale recommendation engines.



Smart Compression

Viaduct’s compression algorithm, Drive2Vec, transmits the richest data in the fewest bytes. Fewer bytes mean fewer dollars spent on data transmission costs without compromising on data quality. Richer data enables new connected services and improves existing data-driven applications.

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We’re a team of technologists, researchers, and machine learning experts solving the hardest problems in the automotive ecosystem.

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David Hallac

Founder and CEO
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Matej Drev

Head of Business Development
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Shreya Shankar

ML Engineer
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John Pugliesi.png

John Pugliesi

Data Engineer
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Vincent Duong.png

Vincent Duong

Data Scientist
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Devin Stein.png

Devin Stein

Software Engineer
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Founding Advisor

Jure Leskovec.png

Jure Leskovec

Stanford CS Professor
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Advisory Board

Stephen Boyd.png

Stephen Boyd

Stanford EE Department Chair
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Mary Chan

Magna Board Member and Former President of Global Connected Consumer at General Motors
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Steve Girsky.png

Stephen Girsky

Former General Motors Vice Chairman and Board Member
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Fred Rosenzweig.png

Fred Rosenzweig Co-Founder and Former President of EFI
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