Announcing our Series A Round

We are excited to partner with Innovation Endeavors to push forward our vision of leveraging machine learning to improve the connected vehicle experience for every vehicle on the planet whether it’s a passenger car, heavy-duty agricultural machinery, a long-haul truck, or an airplane.

At Viaduct, we are a team of technologists delivering a best-in-class machine learning and data analytics platform for connected vehicle manufacturers and their ecosystem partners. Our solutions help these companies provide safer, smarter, and personalized vehicles to their customers, and have already been deployed on hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide.

To continue to grow, and to be able to better service our existing customers, we have decided to partner with a strong syndicate of investors who will help us push forward our vision. We are excited to announce our $11 million Series A round, led by Innovation Endeavors, with a strong group of investors including Exor Seeds and Box Group. We believe our new partners will help us deliver top-notch results to our customers which, in turn, will help our customers improve their end-customer experience.

Our platform consists of three core solutions:
+Vehicle Profiles - understanding which components will fail in the vehicle and why they are doing so
+Driver Personalization - customizing the in-vehicle experience to the driver behind the wheel
+Drive2Vec - transmitting the richest data in the fewest bytes

Viaduct unlocks the business value of connected vehicle data for OEMs and makes it possible for them to process, utilize, and monetize connected vehicle data. The need for Viaduct is enormous. Automakers have invested heavily in building out an infrastructure to collect data from their vehicle fleets at scale and the amount of data that’s been collected but has no system to be analyzed is huge. Some of the biggest passenger car automakers have more than 10 million vehicles’ worth of data sitting in their data lakes! Viaduct’s machine learning technology is designed to help OEMs scale as the amount of connected data and customer applications continues to grow exponentially.

If you are in the transportation ecosystem and would like more information on how Viaduct’s machine learning technology can help you, please reach out here.

If you are interested in joining our team, we are hiring Machine Learning Engineers and Software Engineers. Our platform is Kubernetes-native, consists of many programming languages, and is deeply integrated with the open-source data and ML ecosystems, including several open-source projects we’ve created. Our machine learning tooling was developed from scratch but leverages many widely available packages in the ML space. If developing new microservices or building state-of-the-art machine learning solutions interests you, please reach out at

For more information on Innovation Endeavors’ perspective, see here.

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